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Presentations and Posters
2023 - Beyond Reflex; Radical Creativity in the Novel Circles Populating Animal Umwelten. Presentation for Contemporary Umwelt Analysis: Applications for Culture and Ecological Relations.
2022 - Semiogenesis: grounding Peircean Signs via virtual relevant noise and actual metastable structures. Presentation to 22nd Annual Biosemiotics Gatheringy, Language and Cognition. (Video)
2022 - Synécheia: continuous becoming via ethical habits and esthetic aiming. Presentation to Semiosalong - Synécheia IV. (Video)
2021 - Individuation: Methodologies for Cultivating and Assessing Agential Efficacy. Presentation to 5th International Confernence on Interactivity, Language and Cognition. Online (Video)
2021 - Semiogenesis: Harnessing Higher-order Dimensions from Structured Noise. Presentation to 21st Annual Biosemiotics Gathering. Online (Video)
2018 - Grounding Semiosis in Living Systems. Presentation to 18th Annual Biosemiotics Gathering. UC Berkeley, CA (Video)
2012 - Refinement: A Rigorous Description of Autonomous Adaptive Agents. Presentation to 2012 Joint Conference of ASC and BIG. Asilomar, CA (Video)
2012 - Synthetic Cognition: Implementing a Testable Hypothesis. Poster presented to California Cognitive Science Conference. UC Berkeley, CA (JPG)
2012 - Synthetic Cognition: A Hybrid. Presentation to Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Group. Redwood City, CA (Video)
Popple, Ariella V.; Provost, Allison C.; Bacigalupi, J. Augustus; Carney, T.; Klein, Stanley A.; Levi, Daniel M. (2007). Human EEG Responses to a Conditioned Stimulus Reward Delay. Poster submitted to Neuroscience 2007 (see image below)
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