The rendering below is the main installation of the exhibition with touch sensitive panels and reeds, motion sensing and perhaps audio processing.  Based on the patterns of sensory stimulation from people, the "sentient" installation will respond with ever evolving light and sound patterns.  One of the goals is for people to see the patterns created by both themselves and fellow participants.  See Civic Synthesis for more about this exhibit.
Central Sculpture
Below is a video of the prototype in action.  Via touch sensors, the sculpture registers touch events, generating patterns of touches created by different people over time.  As new people touch the sculpture, their initial patterns are used to search for similar patterns made by previous participants.  These matches are played back to superpose with the current pattern in progress.  In this way, each new interaction is a conversation with the patterns of past interactions.
And, here are a few stills:
Development of Proto_Zero - Scheduled Completion May 2019
A few renderings of Proto_Zero
Work in progress ...
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