Interactive Concept
The skeletal structure above was a completed work for the city of San Francisco.  These ribs were cut via CNC machine.  The interactive skin animated above is a concept that will be implemented via a number of possible strategies:  layered wood or sheet metal; stretched fabric; or, CNC'd panels.  This strategy is currently being prototyped as described below.
Concepts for Proto_One - Scheduled Completion August 2019
In order to achieve the artistic goals of Sentient Art Works, Proto_One will integrate our Artisan AI strategy with the existing body of work.  This page will document highlights from this development process, which will explore fabrication work flows in addition to the artistic and technical goals.
"Tree" Concept and Fabrication Sketches
"Totem" Concepts
The general strategy for Proto_One will be a collective work involving 3 to 5 interactives, including Proto_Zero.  Each will have a ribbed skeletal structure that will support internal hardware while being a substrate for an external skin.  This skin will serve as an interface for sensory modalities, such as "touch", "hearing" and "sight".  The 'tree' and 'totem' concepts above along with the 'dryad' concept below illustrate preliminary approaches to this goal.
Possible Structural Strategy for "Dryad"
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