Joshua Augustus Bacigalupi
Founding Artist
Josh’s vocation is to understand how people and their environments maintain vitality and thrive on this planet.  Throughout his life, the synthesis of both art and science have grounded this understanding.  As an undergraduate, he studied environmental science and physical chemistry at UCSB.  To better understand the nexus between complex social and physical systems, he went on to study architecture. He earned a master's degree from the University of Colorado, Denver, and studied municipal and urban space design in Finland and Italy. Upon return, he served as head designer for the flagship District no.1 police station in Denver that earned AIA and industry design awards.  This design success reawakened his passion for how an art/science practice can elucidate a more sustainable relationship between humans, technology, their built environment and the wider biosphere.

Most recently this led him to the Exploratorium where he co-founded the Studio for Public Spaces five years ago with Shawn Lani and others.  They built a collaborative process and body of work that deeply explored these questions of vitality at the individual, community and institutional scales.  Sentient Art Works is the next evolution of that exploration.
Vanessa Li
Sound Technologist and Software Engineer
Vanessa is a sound technologist and software engineer with formal training in music technology, computer science, and architectural acoustics. Her work in sound attempts to highlight the relationship between the self and their role in the environment, using novel interactions to link one’s internal experience with the external through listening. As a backend and systems software engineer, Vanessa has enjoyed designing and working with complicated computer systems along with the challenges that arise when unexpected behaviors emerge. Her recent sound installation sparked interest for further study in embodied cognition and neuroscience in order to create impactful experiences. With the belief that change starts from the individual, and that understanding comes from lived somatic experience, she hopes to apply her skills to the development of a large-scale multimodal interactive system, ultimately with the goal of communicating the delicate balance of interrelated living systems by taking the chain of actions extended from the individual, and illustrating its lasting reverberations through time and space on both the local and global scale.
Colin Wang
Mechanical Engineer
I am a mechanical engineer and designer. I seek to explore the connections between designers, products, and users.
I view the work I do as more than just the tangible end results. The most important things created are the relationships formed both by and through the process of my work. 
I am driven to create work that is engaging, interactive, and accessible. I believe in the free exchange of information and experiences. I also am a strong believer in allowing my work to be interpreted, interacted with, and aged naturally with minimal intervention after my initial efforts have been completed.
Joty Dhaliwal
Artist, Philosopher and Fabricator
Joty Dhaliwal is an artist by nature, a philosopher by formal education, and a technical designer and fabricator by profession. She grew up on the west coast of Canada in connection with the natural world; from this background, she frequently draws upon natural forms and metaphors as curatorial frameworks.

Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she utilizes various mediums to explore conceptual topics through spatial formats. Her interests range from psychology and machine learning to micro-grids and mesh networks. In the past, she has largely worked with physical materials and design. In the present, with electronics and signals.

Shawn Lani
Director of Studio for Public Spaces, Exploratorium
Shawn is a practicing artist, educator, and curator dedicated to engaging people in public spaces. Over the last 20 years, he has created interactive installations for more than 50 national and international museums and public settings. He currently holds a senior position at the Exploratorium, where he founded the Studio for Public Spaces and directs the studio in its work, generating new ways to apply the Exploratorium’s inquiry-based learning theories to a wide range of public landscapes. Shawn is the recipient of a National AIA award and was the Principal Investigator on the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant-funded project Ciencia Pública: Agua. In this initiative, the Exploratorium collaborated with a San Francisco Boys & Girls Club to teach design skills to students as they created a parklet in the city’s Mission district. Shawn received his BA in English (Creative Writing) and Art History from Davis in 1992, and his MA in Museum Studies—specializing in educational design—from JFK University in 1995.
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