Commissioned by City of San Leandro
San Joaquin Plaza, San Leandro
Installed June '16
My original inspiration was the fountain as a focal point from the main circulation thoroughfare. I wanted to draw people into a permeable “space within a space”. I endeavored to create an installation that is at once inviting and embracing, but also dramatic and a stage for others to observe.

As architectural lead, I designed the overall architectural sculpture and worked closely with the engineers to integrate their chair and chime mechanisms throughout the process.  As a team, we sought an interactive phenomenon that would invite people to co-create something to augment and claim the space. We settled on chimes, which can be struck by a hammer lifted by rocking back and forth on a rocker below each chime. Together or by themselves people suffuse the space with their sonic explorations.

Photos: Gayle Laird © Exploratorium

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