Concepts of Vitality and the Creative Process
Originally posted on the Exploratorium's website
Living in Ambiguity
February 22, 2017
Ambiguity is often considered a negative state, but any compelling work of art or design has an element of ambiguity. Sometimes, contradictory creations intrigue us because this is reality.

Living in Complexity
September 26, 2016
Ambiguity is an intrinsic attribute of reality.  This blog explores the practical consequence of embracing the world’s Ambiguity in your creative practice, whether artistic, design, engineering or scientific – that consequence being Complexity.

Adaptive Work
June 9, 2015
To learn is a paradox. We must perceive not just many distinct things, but their interrelations, two distinct modes of understanding Complexity. Adaptive Work is how we get from one state of Complexity to a higher state by leveraging the Paradox of Understanding.
Still actively working on this blog.  It's a top priority.  Thank you for your patients!
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