Schematics for a Artisan Artificial Intelligence
R&D 2003 - present

Sentient Art Works will augment our existing installation practice to create what we call "Sentient Observatories".  These Sentient Observatories will generate ever-creative audio and visual behaviors to create the uncanny experience of a relationship between the visitor and the physical installation.  The intent is to integrate the concept of a scientific field station with an emotional interactive experience.  Like a virtual pet, the installation will elicit an empathetic connection with the visitor to not only create a connection to place and pro-social interactions, but to also cultivate a feeling conducive to observation, discovery and interpretation.  The ultimate goal is greater social and ecological awareness.
These installations will leverage an embedded Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and bio-inspired, or "neuromorphic", AI.  This distributed analog/digital hybrid technology autonomously re-structures itself based on the continuous, real-time, multi-sensory input of stimulation from people’s interactions via touch, sound and light patterns.
Hybrid Analog/Digital Strategy and the Interstitial Milieu
Sentience: Secondary Nodes "Feeling" Interstitial Milieu
The technical intent is less about identifying and categorizing patterns to use for narrow utilitarian purposes, as in all contemporary AI implementations; this project is more about synthesizing these patterns into ever more complex patterns of patterns.  This serves the artistic intent of creating an experience where the visitor not only sees their own behaviors reflected by the Sentient Observatory, but their behaviors integrated with those of others.  The artistic vision is to create the sublime sense of being individually validated while simultaneously being awed by the much larger dynamic one is but a part.  In this spirit, science and the environment can be experienced in a much more meaningful and impactful way.
Preliminary Schematic of Primary Node
Primary and Secondary Nodes in the Matrix
If you have further interest in this technology and how it augments our interactive installation practice, please contact us.
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